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VIDEO / Art Market & New Techs : Smokescreens and Real Opportunities

Art Market & New Tech Art Market & New Tech
Art Market & New Tech

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Art Market & New Techs: Smokescreens and Real Opportunities. How the Art Market is changing in a digitilized world.

Daniel Doubrovkine - New York. CTO of Artsy, a global online marketplace for art and an online art compendium. Doubrovkine is an experienced software engineer and pioneer of new technologies. He is also an artist and has made a name for himself as an Open Source advocate.


Stefan Simchowitz - Los Angeles. Successful collector-adviser-dealer who has received much attention for his disruptive and sometimes dismissive approach to the established mechanisms of the art market.


Aparna Rao – Bangalore. Rao is a part of the Bangalore-based artist-duo Pors & Rao. She works with robotics and interactivity to create art installations that let people experience familiar objects and interactions in refreshingly humorous ways.

Alexander Catsikas – Lausanne. CEO of Artmyn, a start-up that grew out of research at EPFL. The technology combines scanners and algorithms to capture works of art with forensic accuracy and makes them available online.


Antoine Verdon – Zug. Executive Chairman of Blockfactory, a software development company headquartered in Zug, which has been active in the blockchain space since 2012. Blockfactory specializes in certification, decentralization and tokenization, technologies with wide potential applications in the art market.

Experts in Art Market Education Experts in Art Market Education

The current state of due diligence in the art market was presented by guest speakers and panelists in our joined conference with Kunstforum Zurich last October. Catch up on this challenging topic here with Anne Laure Bandle (lawyer and director of the Art Law Foundation, Geneva), Victor Gisler (founder and owner Galerie Mai 36, Zurich), Claudio Ochsner (art dealer and president of the Swiss Art Trading Association), Stefan Puttaert (senior director and head of office, Sotheby's Zurich), and Marc Spiegler (global director, Art Basel).


About the Executive Master in Art Market Studies program

Experts in Art Market Education

University of Zurich’s Art Market Studies trains graduates who are currently active or pursuing a career related to the art market. We offer an independent and rigorous program designed by leading professionals and academics to meet today's challenges.

The outstanding teaching staff includes more than 60 international art market specialists and scholars who share their knowledge, experience and network with our students.


The program promotes entrepreneurial thinking and fosters an ethical approach to the art market. Participants benefit from Switzerland's unique network of cultural and research institutions, auction houses and galleries.


The interdisciplinary and integrative program covers three major areas:

  • History of Art and Connoisseurship
  • Art Law and Ethics
  • Art Transactions and Valuation


These subjects are conveyed in lectures, art appraisal workshops, and case studies. In addition, field trips to art fairs, galleries, and biennials (Basel, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai) are organized.


Participants will

  • develop their knowledge of the history, materials, and production processes of fine and applied arts from the Renaissance to the present day;
  • evaluate artworks and use the latest art market analytical tools;
  • use case studies to improve legal knowledge and foster ethical thinking;
  • learn to synthesize and analyze processes that are critical to small and mid­sized businesses, and to develop innovative solutions for the commercial art world;
  • develop their leadership and management skills.


Academic credits in compliance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) will be awarded for passing examinations, written works, and the Master thesis.


Courses are held on Fridays and Saturdays in Zurich and are taught entirely in English.

Learn more about our program in this short trailer.

Join the next Art Market Studies program in September 2021

Next curriculum will start in September 2021. Please stay in touch for the opening of the application process by sending a short email to emams@khist.uzh.ch

To apply, please send the completed application form (PDF, 155 KB)to the address mentioned in the form or by email. All suitably qualified applicants will be interviewed by the Course of Study committee. If you have any questions regarding the application process or our program, please do not hesitate to contact us

UZH Art Market Studies participants statistic 2011-2017

Detailed statistics for each curriculum since 2011 here (PDF, 1499 KB)