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Executive Master in Art Market Studies

Executive Master in Art Market Studies


New Techs & The Art Market. Digitalization, Blockchain, NFTs

Crypto Art Conference: Gold or Lead? The Alchemy of Crypto Art and its Markets

Chairs: Christian Schwarzenegger, Rolf Weber
Speakers: Lana Swartz, Claudio Tessone, Sarah Montani, Rolf Weber, Rachel O'Dwyer
Panelists: Nicolas Galley (Moderator), Zenya Kwan (Moderator), Annette Doms, Kenny Schachter, Jeni Fulton

Panel Talk: NFT Capabilities and Limitations
Dr. Nicolas Galley, Dr. Stephan Holzer, Dr. Michael Peterer, Niclas Genovese, Moderator: Zenya Kwan

Panel Talk: Crypto Art Markets in Practice
Moderator: Dr. Nicolas Galley, Michèle Sandoz, Kate Vass, Pierce Wu, Nina Roehrs

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